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Project creates 11 posts for long-term unemployed

A new social enterprise has opened in Belfast, creating 11 temporary full-time jobs in computer repair.

SY:NC, set up by community training provider Springvale, said it has equipped long-term unemployed people for a career in computers.

Springvale aims to build a sustainable business which can provide work experience and training for up to 30 people over the next two years.

Senior training manager Bill Atkinson said SY:NC was Springvale's first social enterprise company and if successful, could be repeated across other business areas.

He said those employed by SY:NC ranged from twenty-somethings to fifty-somethings, all of whom had become unemployed because of the state of the economy.

"They have a wealth of experience and desperately want to get back into employment," he said.

The 11 people completed a six-month computer course before being offered temporary jobs which will give work experience and more training over the next nine months.

Mr Atkinson added: "In addition to data recovery and computer repair work, they will be trained in selling and writing tenders and we are hoping that as the company grows, these temporary posts will become permanent.

"For the past few weeks, the employees have been busy researching the computer repair market and setting up a new website and SY:NC is now open for business."