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Project to help get tech ideas off ground

A £2M PROJECT aiming to help individuals and businesses commercialise their technology ideas launches later this month.

The VITAL initiative is a link-up between Queen's University Belfast, Dundalk Institute of Technology and Dublin City University. It will match ideas with experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs and SMEs and fast track the often-tricky route to market.

The project will link those with ideas to implementing agencies' including other firms, entrepreneurs, funders or academical institutions, to help them get those ideas off the ground and fast-track products to market.

Project director Kieran Fagan said: "The person or the firm will always be in control and always be the owner of the idea, but this project will help them get that idea to fly, if past circumstances meant that the idea could not fly."

The project launches on October 22 at Narrow Water Castle near Warrenpoint in Co Down.

For more information, log on to www.vitalforideas.com.

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