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Public is urged to buy a stake in Portrush new brewery Lacada

By John Mulgrew

The north coast is making way for its first brewery in three decades.

The Lacada Brewery in Portrush is offering the public the chance to own a stake in the business, hoping to meet a growing demand for craft beer in Northern Ireland.

It has already landed around 110 members since first launching its co-operative share scheme.

Chairman Laurie Davies said the area was finally ready for a return to good beer.

After studying history at university, he took up an interest in brewing while running his picture framing business.

And he's joined forces with a host of other beer enthusiasts to get the project under way.

"I've worked in a couple of co-operative, communal things over the years. What this does is it engenders a strong sense of community.

"What it's also doing is showing off Northern Ireland in a different light."

Northern Ireland's beer scene has exploded in the last few years with 20 breweries now set up across the province.

Lacada is the latest beer venture to go down the co-operative route, after east Belfast's Boundary Brewing raised £100,000 in just eight days.

But the north coast hasn't had a brewery since the 1980s.

The public are being offered the chance to invest between £100 and £20,000 in the venture, with membership open until this Friday.

Lacada has already lined up a location close to Portrush train station for the new venture.

"We really want to tie in with tourism in the area - and the location can help with that," Mr Davies said.

"And it's been fantastic - with people offering their different skills. For example, people offering use of their forklift, or someone with a lorry offering help.

"There's some catching up still to be done here, but people on the north coast really want their own craft beer."

Lacada is set to produce a core range of three beers - a porter, golden ale and India pale ale - as well as brewing specialities throughout the year.

It hopes to be up and running in the coming months, with beer hitting the shelves by September.

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