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Public urged to help kickstart Northern Ireland project that will brew better beer

By Margaret Canning

A group of enthusiastic brewers from Belfast have used a crowdfunding website to raise a staggering £56,000 for their brewing project.

Now staff from mobile product design company Cargo have travelled to Portland, USA while continuing the drive on Kickstarter to raise money for Brewbot – equipment plus an iPhone app which tells you how to make your selected brew, and monitors the whole process.

The team has raised £56,328 through 160 backers using Kickstarter – which enables the public to donate to creative projects – 22 days away from a deadline to raise £100,000.

The company said: "We are so passionate about this project that we have moved the whole team to Portland, Oregon as it is the micro-brewery capital of America. We are spending a month on the West Coast sourcing fabricators, materials and components to make Brewbot happen."

In a corporate video, founder Chris McClelland said: "We've been finding that while we've been brewing great beers, it's difficult to replicate the same brew twice.

"What if we could find a way to automate our processes so that we could be freed up to concentrate on our recipes?"

Brewbot will prompt you via your smartphone when it's time to add water and other ingredients, and dispenses with the need to use manual thermometers by monitoring the temperature of your creation-in- the-making.

They said their creation could be used by home brewers, pubs, restaurants, micro-brewers and even larger breweries trying out new recipes.

They explained their reasons for using Kickstarter on its website: "We've explored lots of ways to bring Brewbot to life but the only way we can see it getting into the hands of others is to use Kickstarter. We want to make it more affordable and the only way we can do that is by manufacturing in large numbers.

"So far we have been able to fund the development of the project but now we need your help to take the product further.

"We believe if Brewbot existed we could empower discerning amateurs, home-brewers, and breweries to become better."

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