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Pupils' money lesson pays dividends

By David Kelly

When it comes to learning about how to use money wisely you're never too young, and the pupils of Downey House were enthralled by their own 'money week'.

Natasza Rudewicz, the maths co-ordinator and head of Key Stage 1 at the Methodist College Prep in east Belfast , set up the project to challenge the pupils to make their own economic choices.

"As we all know, children are motivated by active learning using real life situations therefore Downey's teaching staff decided to run a whole school 'money week event' and it was a great success. The pupils raised £140 which will go towards a fun night," said Ms Rudewicz.

"The central theme was developing financial capability. Each class decided upon a central activity and the pupils were responsible for advertising, sourcing materials, budgeting etc and they excelled. It's a project every school would benefit from.

"The week culminated in a fair. Each class set up a stall in the gym. The main aim of the fair was to give the children responsibility for their stall and to encourage them to think before they spent in order to make good choices. Overall, it was a great success and I think we might have a few candidates for The Apprentice in the future!"