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Purchasing Power can cut down your company’s costs and help to improve your carbon footprint

By Symon Ross

Industry group NI Manufacturing has released a guide to help its members make savings of up to 10% on their electricity bills.

The publication Purchasing Power aims to help manufacturing companies buy and use electricity effectively, and also highlights electrical energy efficiency measures they can take.

It found that electricity is typically the third largest controllable cost for manufacturing companies after materials and labour, and hence in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace it is imperative for local firms to seize control of their electricity costs.

NI Manufacturing chief executive Bryan Gray said: “Manufacturers increasingly find electricity procurement becoming more and more complex with generation costs amounting to only about 50% of the bill.

“Power costs for manufacturers here are typically much higher than in Great Britain and elsewhere in Europe, as the All-Island generating base doesn’t offer the economies of scale of other jurisdictions. This has a serious impact on production costs and the competitiveness of Northern Ireland companies.

Geoff Smyth, manager of the Carbon Trust in Northern Ireland added: “From the Carbon Trust’s viewpoint if manufacturers better understand the cost of electricity, they can manage how they use it more effectively – which should, in turn, lead to reductions in carbon emissions.”

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