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QUBIZM: Making maths magic for young learners


He is hoping to boost interest in the subject in Northern Ireland and beyond with his new business.

Franz Schlindwein, from Londonderry, set up QUBIZM in an effort to create stimulating ways for primary and secondary school pupils to investigate maths concepts.

His product IZAK9 is said to reward experimentation and teamwork rather than just right or wrong answers.

Pilot studies using Izak9 reveal that learners regularly exceed teachers' expectations, both in their mathematical capability and their ability to work as part of a team.

"When maths is taught in a traditional way, there is often little room for fun," Mr Schlindwen said. "Children can at times disengage from the learning process, the teacher and each other. By shifting the focus away from right and wrong and celebrating teamwork, curiosity, experimentation and communication, we can build a confidence in learning that will stay for a lifetime."

He displayed the IZAK9 at Maths Week's Northern Ireland grand finale in Belfast city centre at Victoria Square on Saturday, October 19. Shoppers were entertained by maths magic, card tricks, mazes and music performed by the Maths Week Ireland team, who were joined by international mathematicians appearing as maths buskers.

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