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Randox: Our success is built on having the right people

By Peter Fitzgerald

The past year has been one of continued success and growth for Randox, with new products and improved penetration of international markets resulting in a 25% increase in turnover.

None of this would have been possible without the right people. When Randox was established in 1982, one of the key drivers was to address the lack of opportunities for science graduates in Northern Ireland. Thankfully that landscape has improved, and at Randox we now have some 300 research scientists and engineers.

Life sciences are now a key part of our economy, accounting for over 10% of all exports. For this growth to continue we need to see business, government and academia working in partnership to ensure Northern Ireland can develop its life sciences capabilities.

Modern international business is highly complex, and Randox needs high quality, outward looking people to ensure we thrive. We export to 145 countries across the world, and are always on the lookout for new markets. This means our staff regularly travel the globe, meeting with collaborators, customers, or attending trade fairs.

Central to the Randox ethos is our drive to improve healthcare worldwide and every one of our staff plays a vital role in this aim.

With our intention to recruit 100 new staff over the summer we will continue to develop and support exciting global careers for our best young graduates.

Peter FitzGerald CBE FREng, is the owner and managing director of Randox Laboratories

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