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Ready for a taste of the Big Apple

By Clare Weir

Belfast's business community is to be invited to take a big bite of the Big Apple, ahead of what is being seen as a major summit between the two cities.

The conference will take place in New York next week, showcasing Belfast to some of America’s most influential business, political, and civic leaders.

Launching New York-New Belfast, Len O’Hagan, chair of Belfast Harbour, said closer ties between the cities will help secure economic, cultural, and social progress.

“The event will feature world-renowned speakers and influential representatives from across New York,” said O’Hagan.

“The aim is to open up not only investment opportunities, but stronger co-operation on tourism and regeneration,” he said.

The summit will feature a high-powered delegation, which will include CBI chief Terence Brannigan, renowned artist Rita Duffy, Tourism Ireland’s CEO Niall Gibbons, and Richard Williams, CEO of Northern Ireland Screen.

US speakers including Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland Declan Kelly, world renowned architect Michael Sorkin, John Liu, Comptroller of New York City, and business leader Shaun Kelly of KPMG. Ben Chrnelich, of NYSE technologies will also speak.

The summit takes place in New York City on June 9 and 10.

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