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Recommendations go out to consultation

By Staff Reporter

The Department for Employment and Learning has developed 32 recommendations on apprenticeships, and has put them to consultation in a process which closes on April 7. Here are the first 16:

1: Apprenticeships will be defined as a system of learning, irrespective of branding.

2: An apprenticeship will be for a new employee or, in the case of an existing employee, a new job role.

3: An apprenticeship will commence at professional and technical Level 3 or higher.

4 An apprenticeship will be for a minimum duration of two years.

5: An apprenticeship will involve a breadth of training beyond the specific needs of a particular job through on and off-the-job training.

6: An apprenticeship will be designed to enable individuals to progress into higher professional or

technical training or onto a higher academic pathway.

7: Government will recognise an apprenticeship when it contains each of the components set out in

Proposals 2-6.

8: Apprenticeships will have a single award/qualification for each occupation at each level.

9: Apprenticeships will be open to everyone irrespective of age, with the primary focus on young

people 16 to 24-years-old.

10: Apprenticeships will support progression beyond the initial apprenticeship through a variety of

pathways including to higher level apprenticeships and to further and higher education.

11: Apprenticeship awards/qualifications will facilitate portability within a sector and mobility within the

wider economy.

12: Measures will be put in place to support individuals to make the transition into apprenticeships at Level 3.

13: Apprenticeships will utilise fully international opportunities for placements and exchanges.

14: A central service will be introduced to market, promote and support apprenticeship provision, by

engaging with employers and potential participants.

15: The central service will provide advice and guidance for employers and potential apprentices on

the range of support and training available.

16: An online service will be introduced to advertise apprenticeship vacancies across all sectors.

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