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Recruitment agency Cpl takes on 10 staff

By Staff Reporter

Recruitment company Cpl has opened a new office in Belfast after taking on 10 new consultants.

Chief executive Aine Brolly said the business had grown over the last year, leading to the creation of 10 new jobs.

It now employs 30 people in total in Northern Ireland. It's also established Ardlinn, a new international executive search company.

"This is a significant day for Cpl as it not only reflects our ambition, growth and commitment to the local marketplace but it is also an indication of the considerable opportunities that we believe exists within the Northern Ireland economy."

The new offices are at Royal Buildings in Arthur Street.

Co-founder Anne Hearty said: "Cpl is a growing company and in Northern Ireland Aine and the team have worked hard to oversee our recruitment, talent and outsourcing needs as well as our brand development."

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