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Red-faced Stena chief has to find reverse gear

Andy Clarke's former assessment of the quality of Asda's food weren't the last comments to cause red faces in the boardroom.

Yesterday, one of the senior figures of ferry company Stena Line described British staff on a North Sea route between Harwich and the Hook of Holland as "quite fat and covered in tattoos". He immediately apologised and said he had been quoted out of context.

Pim de Lange can take his place in the canon of corporate faux-pas, along with Ratners boss Gerald Ratner - who said his company's sherry decanter sets were "crap" - and the Topman brand director who said its suits were typically bought by youths for their first interview or first court appearance.

These off-the-cuff remarks cause many blushes - but they do make the business world more interesting for us mere mortals.