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Reports shows the number of migrants coming to UK up 24%

By Hayden Smith

Britain has seen one of the largest jumps in international migration among the world's developed countries, a major international report indicates.

A total of 558,000 people came from other countries to the UK last year - a rise of almost a quarter (24%) compared with the previous year, according to preliminary data compiled by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Of the 27 other nations analysed in the think-tank's International Migration Outlook, only Israel and the Czech Republic recorded larger year-on-year rises at 36% and 38% respectively. Germany and the US had higher overall international migration flows than Britain, with 1.3m and one million last year, according to the figures, which include permanent and temporary entries. Data for permanent arrivals in 2013 - the most recent available - showed the UK recorded a more modest rise of 2% compared with the previous year.

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