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Republic's food export figures on rise again

By Darragh McCullough

The Republic's food exports continue to reach new record highs, according to State's food agency Bord Bia.

Despite breaching the €9bn (£8.5bn) barrier for the first time last year, early data indicates that sales growth jumped by 8.6% during the first six months of 2013 – more than €370m (£320m) of additional sales.

Dairy exports were up by 4% on the back of a sustained 20% rise in milk prices in the last year.

Beef sales received an even bigger lift, with price increases accounting for 5% and volume growth accounting for an additional 10% growth.

The meat price rise has been largely driven by a deficit of cattle supplies in Britain, which remains the key customer for half of the Republic's beef output.

High grain prices and a global demand that threatened to outstrip supply during 2012 also drove animal protein prices in both meat and dairy markets.

The figures suggest that meat has seen the biggest jump in volume terms, but this comes on the back of a historically low level in 2012.

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