Belfast Telegraph

Research spending hits £567m

By Lesley Houston

Spending on Research and Development reached record levels in Northern Ireland last year.

Investment on R-amp;D rose by 9% from £521.4m in 2010 to £567.5m during 2011.

Within the business sector, R-amp;D expenditure increased by 13% or £44.8m, to £388.8m, while within education, R-amp;D experienced a £2.5m (2%) rise to £164.3 million last year. Within government however, expenditure dropped by 8%, £1.2m, to £14.4m over the same period.

In-house R-amp;D expenditure within Northern Ireland businesses experienced the sixth highest percentage annual increase (9.2%) of all the UK regions, with a rise in R-amp;D investment from £324.2m in 2010 to £354.1m in 2011.

Between 2006 and 2011 expenditure on R-amp;D within local businesses increased by 133% rising from £167m to £388.8m. Of the £567.5m spent on R-amp;D, £388.8m (69%) was spent by businesses, £164.3m (29%) by the higher education sector and the remainder was government expenditure.