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Restaurant initiative is aiming to help companies cook up some deals

A restaurant on Belfast's Talbot Street has launched a new initiative to help kick-start networking in the local business community. No 27 has created the Business Club, which offers small companies and larger organisations in Northern Ireland the opportunity to join free of charge and network with other members at events taking place throughout the year.

Junior Chamber International Belfast (JCI) has signed up, and hopes to realise the potential for new lead generation in the informal setting of the restaurant. Its members can also enjoy some great food prepared by No 27's culinary team.

Jacinta Parkhill, president of JCI Belfast said: "JCI is a networking and personal development organisation for young professionals and we have seen the interest in the organisation rise due to the fact that the business community realises that networking does not solely take place in the boardroom.

"We welcome this initiative by No 27 and regularly host events for our members in informal venues such as restaurants and bars, as we have found that a meeting over a bite to eat can very often produce results."

Once signed up, members can enjoy a host of benefits.