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RET star Ryan Tubridy's company profits despite 31% RTE cuts

Profits at the media firm belonging to Irish TV personality Ryan Tubridy jumped last year to more than €225,000 (£195,000), in spite of his pay cut at broadcaster RTE.

New accounts show profits at Tuttle Productions, a firm owned by RTE's Late Late Show presenter, who also provided holiday cover for Chris Evans at BBC Radio 2, jumped from €60,446 (£51,000) to €227,661 (£196,000) between August 2011 and August 2012.

This is an increase of just over €167,000 (£144,000) and despite the most recent listenership figures showing the star lost another 1,000 listeners, down to 159,000. This is significantly less than when the late Gerry Ryan held the slot on RTE 2FM.

The accounts include a four-month period in 2011 when Mr Tubridy was RTE's highest earner. He earned €723,000 (£625,000) in 2011 for presenting the Late Late Show as well as his 2FM show.

But the Dubliner took a 31% pay cut last year.

His pay in 2012 was cut to €495,000 (£428,000).

In an interview earlier this year, Tubridy (40) confirmed that he was willing to take a further cut in his annual salary at RTE.

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"I have delivered every time a knock has come on my door for a pay cut," he said.

"I have taken at least 32% already. I will not be found wanting. I never have in the past and I won't be in the future."