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Rise in dodgy claims is getting out of hand

According to the Association of British Insurers, well over 100,000 insurance claims in 2009 had to be tossed in the bin because of fraud, an increase of 14% on 2008.

Increasingly clever means of catching fraudsters contributed to the rising toll, but the economic downturn is also driving some down-on-their-luck individuals to have a pop at submitting a dodgy claim. Home insurance accounted for over 60% of the dodgy claims.

The ABI quoted a number of interesting and inventive cases of fraud. In one case, a man claimed he had injured his hand after tripping over a pothole in the street. But it later transpired he had injured himself when he punched a wall during a domestic argument.

In another case, a woman said she had tripped over a loose piece of pavement, but her injuries were actually suffered when she jumped down a flight of stairs while running away from security guards who suspected her of shoplifting.