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RNID urges businesses to be more deaf aware

Rnid Northern Ireland is urging businesses, shops and services to seize the opportunity to expand their customer base by ensuring they are fully accessible to the 219,000 people in Northern Ireland who are deaf or hard of hearing.

RNID, the charity working on hearing loss, is making the call following its annual membership survey finding that 71% of respondents said they'd be encouraged to use a specific shop or service if the staff are deaf aware.

It also found that 41% of respondents said they'd go out of their way to use a shop or service if they knew an induction loop, which amplifies speech over background noise for hearing aid users, was available.

Director of RNID Northern Ireland, Brian Symington, said: "Businesses can make very simple changes to significantly improve the experience of customers who are deaf or hard of hearing and encourage return visits in the future.

"We want shops and services throughout Northern Ireland to ensure staff receive deaf awareness training, provide fully operational induction loops and remove unnecessary barriers, such as screens, which can affect communication and deter people with a hearing loss from buying their products or services."

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