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Robert Craig polishes off fuel system export contract

By David Elliott

A Lisburn-based engineering company has sealed its first export contract to Finland.

Robert Craig and Sons, which has specialised in industrial pumps for 130 years, will sell its fuel polishing system to a distributor of standby generators based in Helsinki.

The polishing system, developed by the Northern Ireland company in partnership with an English manufacturer of fuel filters, eliminates the threat to the environment from diesel fuel which has deteriorated and may have otherwise ended up being dumped.

The company launched the new fuel polishing system at the recent Helsinki Boat Show. The deal follows an Invest Northern Ireland trade mission to the region.

"We believe this deal will provide a platform for us in neighbouring markets - countries in which our Helsinki dealer has business," managing director David Craig said.

"It follows our success last year in securing our first export sales in the Netherlands.

"Our system is ideal for markets which are committed to strict environmental controls.

"Over the next few years, we are aiming to be exporting the fuel polishing system to customers in at least 10 different international markets."