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Room for a new View of Northern Ireland voluntary sector

A new online monthly news publication called VIEW, which covers the community/voluntary sector in Northern Ireland, has just been launched.

Editor Brian Pelan said the free publication is aimed at bringing stories and campaigns concerning the sector to a much wider audience.

"Every month we will have a range of interviews, profiles, and human interest features which will provide a snapshot about what is going on in this vibrant sector," he said.

"Our first issue looked at a forthcoming book about the White City in north Belfast by the leading academic Professor Marianne Elliott; a piece about the 'peace walls' and an examination of the Charities Act.

"Our main story was an interview with Jim Pierce, who was recently voted Older Volunteer of the Year. He spoke about the reasons behind why he does voluntary work with the suicide and bereavement group Lighthouse."

A team of experienced journalists are behind the new venture which is aimed at bringing an independent reporting voice to the sector.

Have a look at the first issue

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