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Royal Mail could face a strike over job cuts

By Alan Jones and John-Paul Ford Rojas

Royal Mail is facing the threat of industrial action just months after its controversial privatisation after unveiling "ruthless" plans to axe 1,600 jobs.

The company came under fire for revealing a new efficiency programme aimed at saving £50m a year, saying it was needed to compete effectively with its rivals.

Unite accused Royal Mail of "ruthlessly sacrificing jobs" and warned of industrial action.

The job losses will largely involve operational and head office managerial positions, not frontline postal workers.

The company, which floated on the London Stock Exchange last year, said 300 new posts would be created, leaving a net cull of 1,300 roles.

Brian Scott, national officer of Unite, said: "First the Government sells off Royal Mail on the cheap and now the newly privatised service is ruthlessly sacrificing jobs.

"It's more proof that Royal Mail's primary reason for existing is now about making profits rather than serving the nation," he said.

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