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Royal Mail managers escalate industrial action over pay rise

Royal Mail managers will ramp up their industrial action as a long-running pay dispute with the parcel and post group escalates.

Nearly 5,000 Royal Mail managers will start an overtime ban from 5.00am on Wednesday, after talks broke down over their 1.3% pay offer earlier this week.

The move could affect deliveries to 27 million homes across the UK and builds on existing work to rule action, which began on May 4.

Around 4,800 managers voted for industrial action earlier this year, which includes a mandate for full strike action, after rejecting a September pay offer.

The manager's union Unite dismissed the current deal as "paltry".

Unite officer for Royal Mail managers Brian Scott said talks were held on Tuesday, adding that the firm "appear to have dug their heels in over making an improved pay offer".

Mr Scott added: "The lack of positive response from the company has given our members no alternative, but to introduce this overtime ban.

"Should the company continue to adopt this negative approach, we cannot rule out full strike action."

Royal Mail said it was "disappointed" about the escalation of the dispute.

A Royal Mail spokeswoman added: "We have robust contingency plans in place.

"Our mail centres, delivery and collection operations will operate as normal given that our 120,000 postmen and women will be working in their daily jobs. We continue to discuss this matter with Unite."

The firm also said that 3,000 senior managers would continue to work normally, as well as 1,900 managers who are not Unite members.