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Runway to success

Kudos today for one sector of the economy. It's all very well saying we have a fantastic aerospace industry based around Bombardier, but self praise is always a bit shallow.

To hear it from a man with huge experience in the industry who doesn't hail from here but has chosen to set up business in this 'centre of excellence' is more than heartening.

Kevin Quigley of NC UK Services in Maghera didn't have to bestow this compliment in the customers Invest NI announcement but the fact that he chose to says a lot. As the recent Paris Airshow proved, one of our long-standing industries not only keeps up with the worldwide sector but is considered at the top of its game.

And a recent conversation with a globe-trotting pilot who flies long-haul for an international airline revealed our reputation is gaining ground in every corner of the globe.

This particular pilot ruined his own reputation shortly after by recalling how, in his early career as a cargo pilot, he'd once failed to notice a change to a long-running delivery route and managed to fly to the wrong country. I suppose we've all done it ...