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Sainsbury's pork now solely from Ulster farms


Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has revealed it is now sourcing 100% of the fresh pork it sells in Northern Ireland from Northern Irish farms.

The retailer launched 100% Northern Irish fresh pork in its 13 stores here this week.

Similar initiatives will be rolled out across the other UK regions by July 10. Pig farmer, Derek Hall, is a member of the Sainsbury's pork development group.

He has welcomed the announcement of Sainbury's sourcing fresh Northern Irish pork.

"This is amazing news, especially as it comes at a time when pig farmers have had such a challenging year," he said.

"The commitment will give farmers and shoppers confidence in Sainsbury's as they lead the way in sourcing local, higher welfare pork and help to sustain the local pig industry.

"I hope other retailers will follow their example."

The move comes as Sainsbury's aims to double its sales of UK-sourced food by 2020 as part of the 20x20 Sustainability Plan.

Sue Lockhart, who is head of agriculture at Sainsbury's, said: "This summer customers in Northern Ireland will see more regionally sourced food than ever before from pork, beef and lamb through to vegetables, breads and convenience foods.

"The leading work we do in partnership with our growers and farmers in the UK and abroad continues to expand.

"Most recently we allocated £1.2m funding to drive the future of farming in the UK which has shown that agriculture is evolving.

"Agriculture continues to offer benefits throughout the supply chain, right from farmers through to our customers."