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Sainsbury's turns back the clock to offer cycle delivery service

Sainsbury's is getting back on its bike and trialling a two-wheeled home delivery offer, 130 years after it first offered the service.

The supermarket said that it will peddle a new "on-demand, one-hour, grocery delivery service" across thousands of SW postcodes in central London from Wednesday.

It enables shoppers to order up to 20 items via the Sainsbury's "Chop Chop" app, have them delivered by bicycle with a £4.99 delivery charge and also track their order.

Jon Rudoe, director of digital and technology at Sainsbury's, said if the trial proves popular it may be introduced to other areas of London.

He added: "This trial is part of our strategy to give our customers more options to shop with us whenever and wherever they want.

"Speed of delivery is important to some customers, so we have brought back our bicycle service to test demand further.

"In Wandsworth, customers are using the new one-hour delivery service to buy forgotten items, or emergency goods when they cannot leave their home, or have invited guests on the spur of the moment."

To run the service, Sainsbury's has recruited a team of 40 shoppers and cyclists.

The move is something of a blast from the past for the grocery giant, having first offered home delivery from its Croydon branch in 1882, when customers placed orders at the store which were then delivered by carts, pulled by horses or delivered by hand.

Bicycles and tricycles came in to use at the turn of the century and in 1915 Sainsbury's purchased its first Model T Ford van.