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Samsung unveils virtual reality headset


Excited: JK Shin

Excited: JK Shin


Excited: JK Shin

Virtual reality (VR) is now available in the UK for just under £100 after Samsung announced its Gear VR headset had gone on sale on its website.

The technology giant's VR headset is the result of a partnership with Facebook-owned VR firm Oculus, and Gear VR is one of the first products to be aimed at consumers rather than developers.

The headset requires a smartphone to be slotted into it to provide the viewing screen, and the gadget is compatible with the company's own Galaxy S6 edge+, S6 and S6 edge devices.

Once in place, apps running on the phone are used to create a VR experience, giving the user the impression that they have entered a simulated world.

Samsung's president of IT and mobile, JK Shin, said: "We see VR as the next computing platform, and we are thrilled to partner with Oculus on Gear VR to set the standard for mobile VR and bring this revolutionary product to consumers."

VR has grown rapidly as a technology category during the past three years, partly sparked by a crowd-funding campaign by Oculus for its first in-demand prototype.

Since then, as well as Samsung, Microsoft, HTC and PlayStation have all created their own headsets.