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Scheme engineering 30 apprenticeships

By John Mulgrew

A scheme is offering 30 civil engineering apprenticeships. Work+, the first local civil engineering apprenticeship programme, is now in its second year, is offered by 26 employers and enables apprentices to earn as they learn from age 16.

Richard Kirk, regional director for the Institution of Civil Engineers, welcomed the news.

“Apprenticeships are a key driver to our economy,” he said. “In order for Northern Ireland to be globally competitive, we need to focus on up-skilling our population and placing people in the right sectors to address demand.

“We are encouraging anyone who is interested in science, technology, engineering and maths to apply.

“You will be able to earn a salary from your first day, gain qualifications and take your first step into a lifelong career.

“Civil engineering is an exciting and growing sector, and we want to attract a diverse group of people who will build Northern Ireland’s future and provide a better quality of life for its communities.”

The initiative was launched to help redress a local shortage of civil engineers.

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