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School Christmas card printing firm halts trading

A firm that makes printed products for schools, including Christmas cards based on pupils' artwork, has gone out of business.

Schoolcardshop said its Edinburgh-based parent company Dynamic Colour is no longer trading.

Another message on the Schoolcardshop website said its store is "temporarily offline" and apologised for the inconvenience to customers.

No-one was available to comment at Dynamic Colour.

In an email to customers, seen by BBC Scotland, the Schoolcardshop team said it would not be able to produce this year's products.

It said Dynamic Colour was in the process of appointing a liquidator.

The email reportedly stated: "This has come as a shock to all of us and we've been trying hard to bring operations to a clean conclusion.

"Unfortunately due to the situation we find ourselves in we are unable to continue in any form."

Voicing upset at the news, it added: "We are sorry that all participating children and parents will not now receive their cards and gifts, but the matter is completely out of our control."

Schoolcardshop's website says it has been providing schools with "extremely high-quality printed products to help with their fundraising initiatives" for nearly 10 years.

It allowed families to create and personalise cards, while schools retain a proportion of the money spent by families on the products.

Other products printed by the company included drawing books, gift labels, mugs and T-shirts.

The brief update on the Schoolcardshop website stated: "Please note that Dynamic Colour (Schoolcardshop's parent company) is no longer trading. Further details will be available here in due course."