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Second director of failed meat firm is handed boardroom ban

The firm made pre-packaged meat products in Derrylin
The firm made pre-packaged meat products in Derrylin
Margaret Canning

By Margaret Canning

A second director of Fermanagh meat company Tenderlean Ltd has been given a boardroom ban over misconduct including leaving employees without wages for a year.

Aidan Rothwell (39), who now lives in Co Cavan, has been disqualified as a director for six years after Tenderlean went bust owing £2m in 2011.

Around 40 staff lost their jobs as a result of the collapse, which came not long after an earlier incarnation, Tenderlean Meats, had also gone bust.

The company made pre-packaged meat products from a plant in Derrylin.

But Tenderlean went bust in June 2011 with debts of £2.1m - with its biggest debts owed to unsecured creditors, who were out £1.1m.

In legal proceedings, Mr Rothwell, who lives in Behey in the county, gave a disqualification undertaking to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

Mr Rothwell accepted that he had breached his duties to the company as a director by failing to pay staff wages of £132,534 over five years.

He also accepted that he had kept the company going while it was insolvent, between April 2010 and June 2011, a decision which left creditors worse off than they would have been otherwise.

Mr Bothwell had also failed to insure the company's assets from June 16, 2011, which ultimately cost the company £19,200 after it was broken into.

Tenderlean also sold its meat products directly to caterers and members of the public through a farm shop.

Tenderlean Ltd had been set up to buy the assets of a previous failed company, Tenderlean Meats Limted, which went into administration in April 2010.

A director of both companies, Mark McCaffrey from Ballyconnell Road in Derrylin, was disqualified for eight years for his role in the collapse of the first business - and again for nine years for his role in the collapse of its second incarnation.

The first entity, Tenderlean Meats, went bust in April 2010 owing £6.9bn.

Mr McCaffrey's misconduct as a director in relation to Tenderlean Meats included retaining nearly £875,000 in unpaid taxes, falsifying accounts and allowing cheques to bounce as many as four times.

He had also failed to file accounts for the company on time on two separate tax years, and failed to file accounts at all for the year ending March 31, 2009. A third director of Tenderlean Ltd also faces disqualification.

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