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Security company goes ballistic

By Symon Ross

A Co Down company has launched a range of security products that it hopes will be a smash hit in global markets.

Ballygowan-based Hamilton Erskine said its Tecdur branded blast protection products have been in development for several years.

They include a retrofit system for blast protection of buildings and bullet resistant transparent armour windscreens for security and VIP protection.

Roger Cleave, Hamilton Erskine director of research and development, said: "We identified a gap in the marketplace for a fully engineered and more innovative blast protection system which could be added to a structure to give it blast and/or ballistic protection.

"The aim of this innovative system is to protect life and critical equipment from deliberate or accidental explosions. It is relatively quick to install and takes up minimum space internally, also overcoming the need for major building works."

A spokeswoman said that the company aimed to target markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, or anywhere vulnerable to terrorist attack.

It believes there will be interest for Tecdur in the defence and government sectors, as well as from hotels, financial institutions and any industry requiring armoured vehicles or premises.

While the company currently only employs three people, it hopes to grow its workforce once sales are secured.

Hamilton and Erskine was set up in 2003 and won an Invest NI Smart award for innovative development.

Tecdur also received a European Commission research grant under a programme to strengthen the scientific and technological bases of industry and encourage international competitiveness while promoting research.

Founding director Mike McNeill said: "The research and development funding has also allowed us to look at the materials involved in ballistic protection. Tecdur transparent armour is best suited when traditional glass laminations are not good enough due to weight, clarity or temperature range."