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Semi-detached homes most popular new builds

By Margaret Canning

Semi-detached houses are Northern Ireland's favourite category of new builds, according to figures.

Work started on 1,335 semis during 2015, the National House Building Council (NHBC) said.

The numbers were up by one-third on the year before.

Next in line were detached houses, with 909 registered during the year - an increase of 16%.

But the biggest increase was in numbers of flats/maisonettes, which were up 73% to 441.

Bungalows, meanwhile, were up 65% in number, to 119.

And terraced houses showed the lowest percentage increase, growing by 10% to 419.

Professor Alastair Adair, head of the School of the Built Environment at Ulster University, said that the high numbers of semi-detached homes reflected the preferences of first-time buyers, who were dominating the market.

"Clearly there had been pent-up demand over the period of the recession when you consider we've had five or six years of supply coming on," Mr Adair Added.

But he also claimed the rebound of the apartment and maisonette category could also suggest that some first-time buyers were being priced out of the market.

According to the NHBC, there was a 30% jump in new homes of all kinds over 2014 to 2015, from 2,487 to 3,223.

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