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September Edition of Business Month

Editor's note

WELCOME to September’s Business Month, which we hope finds you in fine fettle after the summer.

This month our cover story considers the impact of Northern Ireland’s large third-level student population on the economy, and ask the question, are they worth it?

It’s easy to indulge in eye-rolling at the idea of the cliched student antics of partying, lie-ins and missed lectures, but close study shows that they spend a significant amount of money, and are in a good position to apply for jobs with Northern Ireland’s new wave of inward investors.

September always brings an air of weary back-to-school resignation, regardless of the decades since we last wore a school uniform — but fear not, the next few months promise to be an interesting if disquieting period in business for Northern Ireland.

Political uncertainty abounds in the run-up to the general election — and once the dust settles on Scotland’s referendum on independence, we expect to find out if Westminster will grant the long-held wish for the devolution of tax-setting powers.

By the time we’re back for October’s Business Month, we may well know for sure. In the meantime, enjoy the September issue.


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