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Series of events for expats aiming to halt Northern Ireland's brain drain

By Staff Reporter

Expats coming home for Christmas are being encouraged to explore new career opportunities that could bring them back to Northern Ireland for good.

Abacus Professional Recruitment and Northern Irish Connections - which aims to harness the potential of expats - have joined forces to encourage people to think about a move home.

The events on December 29 include three online seminars covering opportunities in accountancy, finance, IT, analytics and legal sectors. Also next Tuesday, around 150 members of the Northern Irish diaspora are set to attend a meet-up at the Ivory restaurant in Belfast.

Andrew Cowan, chief executive of Northern Ireland Connections, said: "Northern Ireland has 10 million first and second generation diaspora, many of whom left home to pursue exciting careers when there perhaps wasn't the same variety of job opportunities here that there is now.

"There are so many talented people out there with a link to Northern Ireland, and attracting some of them back home could be a game-changer for Northern Ireland's economy."

Mr Cowan added that the arrival of new industries and investors meant that there was growing demand for skills to propel the economy forward.

And Justin Rush, business director of Abacus Professional Recruitment, said: "Belfast is thriving, with increased investment bringing a renewed optimism for the future.

"Local companies are expanding internationally and global names are creating jobs that wouldn't have existed in Northern Ireland as recently as five years ago."

He also claimed that living in Belfast offered great advantages such as low commuting times and good value homes, as well as "great schools and affordable childcare".

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