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Showerhead firm to clean up with new product

By Clare Weir

A Londonderry firm has designed an award-winning product to help fight deadly bacteria.

Pulse Eco Shower has developed a showerhead which prevents against conditions including Legionella and Pseudomonas, and stops limescale clogging.

Pure Pulse, which has been tested by experts at Queen's University's Questor Centre in Belfast, is now being trialled by a major healthcare trust and is currently being used by a number of water authorities in Great Britain.

The company - formed in 2009 by Christie Allen and in 2010 partnered by James Clarke - has received Invest NI support to develop and market the showerhead, a recent winner of the prestigious Green Hospitality Award.

The firm is investing £77,120 in the development and marketing of the new product, with Invest NI contributing £30,848.

Mr Allen said that Questor's research found that the new head also reduces water consumption by between 40% and 60%, adding: "Our design has produced a much more efficient, hygienic and healthier shower system."