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Sizzling start to Breakfast Week as Dame Mary Peters and Jenny Bristow team up

Dame Mary Peters and well-known chef Jenny Bristow have teamed up with Tourism Northern Ireland to launch the first course of the Year of Food and Drink 2016.

January is Breakfast Month - and the next few days mark Breakfast Week, culminating in Ulster FRYday on Friday.

Restaurants and cafes across Northern Ireland will be getting in on the act - and Jenny Bristow was keen to share her take on the healthy fry.

Her ideal fry-up includes Denny's Jumbo pork sausages, Fermanagh Black Bacon, Ballyeamon eggs, Neill's Soda Bread, Hughes stuffed mushrooms and Ditty's potato bread.

Everyone is invited to get involved in Ulster FRYday on social media, by posting a picture of your own Ulster Fry using the hashtag #UlsterFRYday.

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