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'Sluggish' global economy blamed for Bombardier's drop in orders

A still sluggish global economy has been blamed for a drop in orders over the last year for aerospace company Bombardier.

The Canadian company, which makes aircraft parts at its Belfast plant, said it received orders for 388 aircraft in 2013, a drop from 481 orders in 2012.

"The global economy has remained persistently sluggish, and with its recovery taking longer than originally anticipated, 2013 continued to be a challenging year," said Guy Hachey, president and chief operating officer, Bombardier Aerospace. On the upside, it delivered 238 aircraft during the year, up from 233 in 2012.

He said he was also encouraged with the delivery of one of its Bombardier 415 amphibious aircraft to a customer in the US and the successful delivery of 180 business jets, compared to 179 for the previous year.

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