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Small businesses give UK coalition government the thumbs down

By Simon Evans

Britain's new Tory-Lib Dem coalition government is unlikely to help struggling mid-size companies, according to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (Cima).

In the poll of 14,000 accountants in a range of sectors from manufacturing to finance, only 29 per cent believed the Government would provide better support for British firms.

"With an extra £2.4bn in tax rises due to be unveiled in the emergency Budget, small and mid-size businesses must be wondering if the coalition government will have their best interests at heart," said Ray Perry, Cima's executive director.

Seventy per cent of those asked urged the Government to commit to its pledge not to raise national insurance; a third said they expect the recession to last two years; more than half said that they didn't plan to increase the number employees this year; and just 14 per cent that that they were happy with the coalition's delivery since it came to power last month.


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