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Smart move by Facebook to redesign its desktop experience

FACEBOOK have stripped back their web-based client and redesigned the entire desktop experience in an attempt to clean up the news feed and add a modern look and feel to Facebook on the web.

Overall, it seems as though they have succeeded in doing so in a way that will hopefully please its one billion-strong user base. A user base that traditionally reacts negatively whenever the social network implements any form of change to the design and functionality of the platform.

The new design takes inspiration from Facebook's latest suite of mobile apps, replicating the left-hand menu bar from the smartphone and tablet apps and placing it on the left-hand side of the web-based interface. Facebook is finally unifying its principles for design and interaction across the major platforms in a simple and meaningful way. Something they have never fully achieved in the past.

The content itself is essentially the same as it was before. To help you digest all of the content being shared with you by friends, they have created a selection of filters to separate out posts into individual feeds. There are now individual feeds for photos, videos, games and groups. You can also create your own custom feeds.

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