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Smartphone insurance 'a must'


By Scott Ritchie, chief executive of Connect Telecom

The price tag of smartphones is ever-increasing and the cost of providing your business with top of the range technology is becoming more and more expensive. For example, a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus is likely to set you back more than £900.

So what happens when an employee's smartphone needs repaired or replaced? Is it feasible for your business to pay out large sums of money every time? Most likely not, particularly if you are a small business.

It therefore continues to surprise me that so many businesses do not look into insurance for their devices which can start from as little as £5, particularly when you consider that smartphones are owned by 71% of all UK adults (according to Ofcom statistics).

That figure rises to 90% amongst 16-34 year olds with many adults quick to say they could not last a day without their smartphone.

Irrespective of what your preferred smartphone device is, smartphones allow us access to a wide range of tools and information, once only available from a full sized computer, and this has forced businesses to make big changes both in terms of mobilising employees and engaging their customers who are living in the same fast-paced digital world.

Whilst businesses and employees are reaping the benefits of the flexibility smartphones provide, many simply don't consider what can happen when the device is lost, damaged, or even stolen.

More than 80 million phones are lost, stolen or damaged every year, which is approximately two phones every second, and for businesses that figure can carve a sizeable hole!

Whilst you can, and should, be proactive protecting your phone with a case, this doesn't guarantee the life expectancy of your smartphone. Unlike cats, phones do not have nine lives and it is not uncommon for a phone to be damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen.

Aside from the financial implications, replacing or repairing handsets without insurance can be much more of a hassle than it needs to be. Stripped of the tools that enable mobile working, it is likely the employee's productivity will suffer as well as their ability to work to their usual capacity.

Whilst many may breeze over the finer details when agreeing new contracts, it is important that businesses of all sizes, but particularly SMEs, pause to think about the implications of not properly insuring smartphones against damage, loss or theft.

When it comes to such a crucial element of your business, you can't afford not to factor in this sort of compensation.

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