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SMEs are the target for BT’s new single handset device

By Staff Reporter

Telecommunications giant BT has launched a new cloud-based system combining an office desk phone system and a mobile in a single handset.

The new BT One Phone equips businesses with a single mobile phone device that links all an individual's landline and mobile numbers to one device.

Paul Convery, head of BT business, said: "The Northern Ireland workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, and it is important that BT provides communications technology that is as flexible and mobile as our customers are.

"We are delighted to launch BT One Phone to small and medium sized businesses across Northern Ireland to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to meet their communication needs - helping to increase their efficiency and productivity as a result."

The system has already been used by Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), the social enterprise which has been running Belfast's leisure centres since the beginning of the year.

Mike Lockwood, GLL's procurement and audit manager, said: "GLL recently trialled the BT One Phone handsets, and we were so impressed, we are now installing the system into 12 Belfast leisure centres.

"We have been delighted with the connectivity that the handset has provided for individuals going online, checking emails and receiving calls from clients and colleagues.

"The device has offered us time-saving measures, as well as peace of mind for our clients," he added.

The system provides the call management features of an office phone, free internal calls between users in a business, as well as unlimited voice and text tiers, so that packages can be tailored to accommodate a business's specific requirements.

BT described the system as "cost-effective" for business because it requires limited upfront investment since there is no hardware required, and therefore no maintenance, servicing or upgrade costs.

Most installations will involve putting a dedicated mobile network into customer premises. Any phone with a BT One Phone SIM then connects to the dedicated mobile network once in range. When an employee leaves the office, there is a seamless handover between their dedicated mobile network and the BT national network.

BT said the system also came with a dedicated helpdesk. A spokesman added: "With a specific data transmission link to manage call traffic back to BT's national network, this means that neither call capacity nor quality is affected by surges in company data or internet traffic.

"With office phone functionality on mobile phones, employees can carry on working even if they can't get into the office."

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