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So trendy to brew your own

Once the preserve of students, home brewing is changing, according to Deborah Mitchell, who runs online business Get 'er Brewed in County Antrim. It supplies home brewing kits to make beer, cider and wine which she says will surpass the quality of commercially made products.

"Home brewing is taking off in a big way, with thousands of people across the UK, old and young, joining the revolution, not least right here in Northern Ireland.

"We are passionate about home brewers and have been for the last five years. There is something special about crafting something with your own hands and I love the satisfaction of uncorking a bottle of homemade wine that I made. I want to share that experience and have others enjoy it too.

"Home brew isn't what it was in years gone by. Brewing technology has advanced dramatically over the last 30 years, with a far greater variety and higher quality of kits, and therefore a far superior end product.

"We can have people making wines of outstanding quality with distinctive flavours, bouquet and character at a fraction of the price of an equivalent commercially-made wine.

"Increasingly people are making their own because they don't like what the commercial wine and beer-makers put in their end product. They crave a more natural drink and by producing it themselves they can see clearly what goes into it."

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