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SodaStream changes 'Israel' labels after complaints

By Hazel Sheffield

SodaStream has altered the labelling of products made in an Israeli settlement to 'Made in the West Bank' following complaints from US activists.

Protesters complained to the Oregon Department of Justice that SodaStream was violating fair trade laws by labelling products made in the Occupied Palestinian Territories 'Made in Israel'.

SodaStream immediately said it would change its labelling when it found out about the complaints. The new labels have since appeared on packaging in Oregon.

The Ma'aleh Adumim plant, where the products were made, will move to Lehavim in the Negev region of Israel later this year. The company has said the move is for commercial reasons and not connected to labelling.

SodaStream's revenue has grown an average of 30% a year since 2008, but the firm forecast a 9% drop in 2014 as American consumers shifted to health-conscious brands. In response, the company is launching a line of low-calorie products.

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