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Software company wins overseas communications contract

A Belfast-based software company has won a major contract to improve communications between public sector organisations in Surrey.

Fluent Technology secured the deal with the Surrey Strategic Partnership to provide a county-wide networked information store and library, with data analysis and survey tools.

David Cordner, a director for Fluent Technology, said: "We are delighted to have won this contract to deliver what will probably be one of the UK's most ambitious local information systems to date.

"The total solution will serve hundreds of users across Surrey, and deliver open access to much of the data, insights and profiles for the general public, dramatically increasing information sharing and communication between public bodies."

Fluent Technology was formed in 2001, and since then has built up a strong track record, particularly for its core software product called Origin. As well as receiving Invest NI and European Regional Development Fund support for the development of Origin, Fluent is now being assisted by Invest NI to market the product throughout the UK.