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Software firm creates 20 new jobs

By Margaret Canning

Belfast technology company TotalMobile is creating 15 software development jobs and five other posts as its client base expands.

TotalMobile, formerly known as Consilium Technologies, employs around 120 people at Pilot Point on Clarendon Road, but said it needed new staff as its work in the health sector takes off.

The firm's products allow NHS staff to use mobile devices like tablet computers to access and update records on the move.

The company said it particularly needed Android developers for developing its mobile working solutions for councils and private sector businesses, as well as health trusts.

Chief executive Colin Reid said the health sector was the company's main area of growth.

"There is a big drive for the health service to work smarter, faster and more efficiently, and this provides us with a major opportunity. A mobile solution that eliminates paperwork and unproductive travel, and streamlines workflow and data capture, has enormous value for the NHS.

"The staff we are recruiting will be working on leading edge mobile technologies on all of the main platforms.

"But more importantly, they will be using these technologies to develop solutions to the biggest challenge facing the developed world today, namely, providing improved health care to our ageing population in a time of limited funding.

"Their work will directly improve patient care."

TotalMobile's other clients include housing associations and big businesses such as Allianz and Capita. It is also launching a drive in the province to attract developers and encourage young people to consider software development as a career.

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