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Software program to help us get five a day

By Claire Weir

Major retailers and local vegetable producers can now track their carrots and cucumbers via computer thanks to a new technology link-up.

Lemma Solutions, based at the Northern Ireland Science Park (NISP), has worked closely with Gilfresh to develop a web-based software program.

It improves supply-chain integration, provides traceability, and enhances communications between growers and Tesco.

The technology has helped Gilfresh win the supermarket giant's Nurture award, a recognition of best agricultural practices.

In the past year three of Lemma's other clients, Enviro-green Recycling, SlurryKat and NWP have also received awards for their software solutions.

NISP director of corporate real estate and facilities, Mervyn Watley said that despite being the new kid on the block, Lemma is fast making a name for itself.

“As a new tenant to the park, Lemma is able to take advantage of the first-rate connectivity in order to develop game-changing technology that is allowing local companies to develop relationships and trade with major multinational organisations.”

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