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Solicitors snaps up city rival

One of Newry’s best known firms of solicitors has acquired another practice in the city.

Robert A Mullan & Sons, which was owned by Lady Ballyedmond — the wife of Norbrook founder Lord Ballyedmond — was acquired by D&E Fisher Solicitors for an undisclosed sum.

Ulster Bank funded the firm’s purchase, which will extend its client list. Twelve jobs at Robert A Mullan, which was founded in 1874 and is one of Newry’s oldest firms, will be kept.

The bank said funding had come from its £300m fund for small and medium enterprises.

D&E Fisher, based at Trevor Hill in Newry, is owned by Norville Connolly, the president of the Law Society of Northern Ireland, and Robert Ferguson. The firm specialises in conveyancing, probate and litigation.

Managing partner Robert Ferguson said: “We are very pleased with this acquisition as the client profile of Robert A Mullan is very similar to the client profile in D&E Fisher and the two firms will therefore fit together very well”.

Robert A Mullan and Sons was owned for over thirty years by Lady Ballyedmond who will continue to act as a consultant in the combined practice.

Karen O'Callaghan, relationship manager at Ulster Bank, said: “D&E Fisher has been operating in the Newry area for more than 60 years and has provided important services to thousands of businesses and members of the local community during that time, as well as providing employment to a significant number of people.

“We are extremely pleased to support the acquisition, which will result in the expansion of D&E Fisher’s client book and the further development of an important local company.”

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