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Some more good news after the jets deal

By Clare Weir

Montupet has manufacturing plants in France, Spain, Mexico, Bulgaria and Northern Ireland.

It is the second largest independent manufacturer of cylinder heads in the world.

Montupet UK has been based in Northern Ireland since 1989 and manufacturers cast aluminium cylinder heads for engines for Ford, Peugot, Citroen, Volvo, Fiat, Mazda and Jaguar cars, delivering to engine plants in the UK, France, Turkey, South Africa and China.

In 2011 the plant was running at near full capacity resulting in a significant increase in turnover.

Bryan Gray, of Manufacturing NI, said the new deal and Bombardier's success will solidify the region's manufacturing heritage.

"This deal is great news for the local economy in the face of a difficult downturn and repeated reports of our struggling manu- facturing sector," he said.

"It proves that Northern Ireland can still compete in the global marketplace against lower-cost countries and indeed that the Dunmurry plant can compete against other parts of Montupet's chain and sites across the world.

"The supply chain for companies like Montupet and Bombardier, mostly small and family-run businesses, is huge and they will also see huge benefits and their futures secured at a time when job losses at FG Wilson and Patton Group meant a bleak outlook coming up to Christmas.

"The two big announcements will give hope to other businesses in the sector and with positive headlines about the manufacturing sector in Northern Ireland, I hope that other big firms start to look here when considering manufacturing contracts."