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Some simple steps towards tweet business success on the internet

Good communication hinges on one point. The speaker must understand how the message is being heard to be sure a clear channel has been established.

In the world of advertising and marketing this is done via market research and customer relations management (CRM). But, what do you do with a super-fragmented marketplace of micro-blogged tweets?

You first have to understand the motivations of tweeters.

1. Followers. Some just want followers to market to them. Tweet about loving ice-cream and you’ll get an ice cream loving audience and then you can sell them some. Invite your clients into the conversation, and close the deal. The smaller the niche, the more useful twitter is. It’s good to offer links generally, even to competitor sites if necessary. Be impartial and you’ll gain trust, a relationship and engagement.

2. Grouping. Hobbyists, activists, party people and charity workers love twitter because it helps like-minded people swarm around an idea.

Business people love this too, if the idea is, as above, eating ice-cream or canoeing (if you own an adventure centre), or photography (if you sell cameras). Know your market. Get a group going.

3. Learning. Like all virtual chat, twitter offers users the capacity to explore ideas and facts with like-minded individuals. The net is great at giving you tonnes of information on any topic you can imagine, and you can always email an expert with a question.

But twitter lets you go further, where all can chat about a niche topic, each searching out more information, offering pertinent links to videos, pages and the press.

4. Friendship. Some twitterers want to simply make friends. And consequently twitter can turn into an excellent chat space. These relationships can be great for business — yes, but being a part of the twitter community generally can be too. Even though chatting without your business hat on can seem like a waste of time, being yourself and being liked is exactly what modern business is all about. People want to work with people they like.

5. Love. Twitter is a dating site! Conversational sparks can fly with links to Facebook and the rest can follow. Beware tweet spams that offer access to ‘pictures of me on my holidays if you’ll just register and give me your credit card details so I know you’re over 18.’ ‘(S)he’ is not real. So don’t.

Emmet Kelly owns Monitrack Internet Research, Pavilion Digital and Espri.

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