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Sony returns to profit after healthy sales figures

Sony has reported a January-March profit of 27.7 billion yen (£194 million) on the back of healthy sales of image sensors, PlayStation 4 game software and batteries for mobile devices, marking a recovery from its red ink a year ago.

Tokyo-based Sony reported an 88 billion yen loss the same period last year.

Sony reported Friday that its quarterly sales rose 4.4% to 1.9 trillion yen (£13 billion).

For the fiscal year through to March, Sony's profit fell 50% to 73.3 billion yen (£512 million) from 148 billion yen, partly because of costs related to repair of damage from a major earthquake that hit south-western Japan in April 2016.

The quake shut down Sony's semiconductor manufacturing facility.

An unfavourable exchange rate also damaged Sony's results.